Malvern Boilers


Malvern Boilers manufactures the following products:

  • Commercial combination boiler / sanitary water heaters
  • Direct-fired sanitary water heaters
  • Direct fired stainless steel boilers
  • Condensing gas pool heaters
  • Oil fired pool heaters
  • Domestic gas condensing boilers
  • Domestic Micro-CHP appliances
  • Micro-CHP control panels
  • Packaged heating skids
  • Solar pump stations
  • Ground source heat pump sets
  • Gas convector heaters
  • Electrical control panels
  • Electrical heaters
  • Gas train assemblies

Development Projects

We regularly undertake development projects on behalf of customers and have the ability to translate customer requirements into a finished product.  We have the resources to develop and test gas products to appropriate standards and to guide customers through the complexity of CE requirements.  We are familiar with the BED, GAD, EMC and LVD directives and British and European Standards.

We can manufacture, assemble and test prototypes, field trial appliances, or pre-production models and are able to organise the necessary approvals testing, certification, quality control and CE surveillance.

We are also able to productionise designs and build initial production volumes for customers eventually looking for mass production.


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